Why you should be stretching

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Why you should be stretching

Stretching is an imperative part of life, not just sport! Just because you aren’t an elite athlete doesn’t mean that you should deny an activity that will provide it with many benefits. If you didn’t have a regular stretch routine, this is your sign to start today. heres why we can convince you why, and give you the stretching itch to get your body moving better than ever.

What is stretching?

Stretching can be defined as a movement that works on lengthening muscles to assist with mobility, function and muscle health. Incorporating stretches into your routine has been proven to improve performance, reduce the risk of injury, and assist with recovery. It is recommended that stretching sessions can undertaken 2-3 times a week holding around 4-6 exercises for 60 seconds each. You can choose a range of stretches to best suit you and your exercise routine and goals.

The types

There are two main different types of stretches; static and dynamic. What is the difference? A static stretch is a stretch held still, similar to an elastic band being held at constant tension. This gives the muscle time to relax, and lengthens the fibres during the hold. Alternatively, dynamic stretches involve a gentle bounce at end of range to provide a constant length tension movement. Imagine gently pulling a rubber band on and off tension, this is the effect of dynamic stretches for your muscles. Dynamic stretches are great for preparing muscles to work and replicates how they would contract and relax during their working periods in your body’s movement.

When should you stretch? A warm up before exercise is recommended which could include stretches such for hamstrings, quadriceps, biceps, and toe touches to prep these major muscle groups for activity. A longer stretching session can be most beneficial after exercise. As muscles are constantly contracting, shortening and relaxing through exercise, it is important to allocate time to lengthen and warm down your muscles following a workout to prevent stiffness and soreness. In saying this, there’s no right or wrong time to stretch… every body is different. Try to incorporate more stretching into your daily routine and reap the benefits. Happy stretching!

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