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Physiotherapy with an integrated approach

For us, physiotherapy means movement. As our name suggests, we believe motion is pivotal to a happy life. That is why here at Pivotal Motion, we are all about movement for everyone.

Our Newmarket-based practice strives to educate our clients and patients on movement that is ideally suited to their individual needs. We take an integrated approach to health and fitness with our services, and range of team skills

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Pivotal Motion takes an integrated approach to patient care. This means we consider all factors contributing to your injury, looking at the individual as a whole. We aim to restore function by treating the source of the condition, not just the symptoms. Find out more about our physiotherapy services.

Sports Physiotherapy

Be a professional athlete or participating in a local club, significant demands are placed upon athlete’s bodies. Injuries obtained in sport often do differ from everyday issues. Pivotal Motion can  address, diagnose, and treat athletic injuries. Learn more about our Sports Physiotherapy services.


Exercise Class

Pivotal Motion offers several types of exercise classes to help keep you fit, healthy and fully functional. Classes include Strength and Balance, Strength and Conditioning and Adolescent Strength. Find out if we have a class suited to your needs.

Pre & Post Rehabilitation

We believe in both pre and post rehabilitation of injuries. Pre rehabilitation is a proactive approach to prevent injury before it begins. Post rehabilitation of injuries is the process of restoring full function after injury or accident. View our pre & post rehabilitation services.

Physiotherapy can assist pain-relief

No matter the source of pain, our Brisbane physiotherapists can help. Pivotal Motion applies trusted physio techniques to ease the pain in the different areas and joints of your body.

Muscle strains

Muscle strains are some of the most common sporting injuries, making up 10-55% of all sporting injuries . Muscles are...

Jaw Physio at Pivotal Motion

Jaw Pain & Injuries (TMJ) When you visit us for physiotherapy for jaw pain, a jaw physiotherapist will do a...

Neck Physiotherapy

Neck pain is common in modern lifestyles.  Neck physiotherapy is common practice in private practice physio clinics. The neck is...

Shoulder Injuries

Physio for shoulder injuries is important to the outcome of short to long term pain and function. Shoulder injuries occur...

Arm Physiotherapy

“Education is important but big biceps is importanter”… At Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy, we definitely disagree. The biceps along with other...

Chest Injuries & Pain

Culturally synonymous with strength, the chest is roughly identifiable as the area of our pectoralis muscles and is an important...

Back Physio & Physiotherapy

Need to find a back physio? At Pivotal Motion, we’ve seen it all before with the back being one of...

Hip Pain Physiotherapy

Being primary weight bearing joints, hip pain can be at times uncomfortable. With the hips being constantly loaded through lower...

Leg Injuries

Imagine how slow our world would be without our legs… As our primary source of movement: keeping our legs injury...

Knee Injuries

Do you have a bad knee? A little stiff and sore particularly after exercise? You might want to get these...

Feet & Ankle Physiotherapy

Our feet and ankles are pivotal in keeping the rest of the body stable and mobile, as they absorb the...

What a Physiotherapist Can Do for You

Have you been experiencing pain or discomfort in the lower back or neck? Although your pain may be due to stress or strenuous activities, a combination of other more serious factors may also be the cause. Allow us to pinpoint the source of your pain, provide a diagnosis and treat it according to current best practices.

Physiotherapy is a medically recognised healthcare practice that can improve the function of your muscles and joints. Our physiotherapists have helped our north Brisbane patients in suburbs like Newmarket, Wilston, Windsor, Kelvin Grove, Red Hill, Ashgrove, Windsor and Herston to recover from injuries, treat movement disorders, or help ease pain caused by age or lifestyle factors.


Sports teams we’ve worked with


Why choose Pivotal Motion

Expert in the Field

Our team has a thorough understanding of all aspects of physiotherapy, coupled with extensive hands-on experience assisting pain and injuries. On top of our team’s combined experience, our practice has a passion for staying up to date with physiotherapy advancements, aiming to be experts in the field.

Trusted Treatment

Our patient’s overall health and wellbeing is our top priority. We only provide the most current physiotherapy practices and treatment options to our patients, so you can trust that you’re in safe hands with us. We welcome both new and returning patients equally and give 100% of our attention to establishing the diagnosis.

Integrated Approach

Our Newmarket clinic values an integrated approach towards restoring your joints and muscles back to full health. Coupled with our physiotherapy treatments, we give you realistic advice and guidance to improve your muscle strength and overall wellbeing long after you leave our practice.

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