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Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy is the branch of the physio which addresses, diagnoses, and treats athletic injuries. The Pivotal Motion Sports Physios treat a range of athletic injuries. They use many different injury  management and prevention strategies to keep our athletes performing at their best all year round.

You don’t have to be paid a million dollars a season to be a sportsman or sportswoman.  If you’re in the local little leagues or in the majors, our team of Sports Physiotherapists will look after you. Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy can help you return to sport as soon as possible.

How is sports physiotherapy different to normal physiotherapy?

Injuries obtained in sport often do differ from everyday issues. There are significant demands placed upon an athlete’s body, so specialised injuries can occur around high-use areas or with sport related contact.

The repetitive nature of many sports means that specific structures are stressed on a continual basis. As such, certain injuries become common amongst athletes in the same sport. Examples of these include Throwers ElbowTennis Elbow, and ACL ruptures in sports with quick changes of direction.

What is sports physiotherapy?sports trainer Brisbane

A Sports Physiotherapist is specially qualified to deal with sporting injuries, and offer sports and spinal physio care. Our physiotherapists use different treatment methods and strategies to best suit an athlete’s needs and performance goals.

Our sports centre physiotherapy staff can treat and manage athletes of all skill levels. Whether an Olympian or beginner, our physios are keen to help you achieve maximal performance and get you back training as soon as possible. The role of physiotherapy in sports is to treat current injuries and prevent potential injuries. A physiotherapy & sports injury physiotherapy clinic will treat injuries and get an athlete back to peak condition as soon as safely possible.

Sports Care Physio

At Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy, our sports care physio experts use sport-specific knowledge to help address athlete’s deficiencies and improve technique. They can analyse and correct your biomechanics to aid recovery from and prevention of, sporting injuries. Sports physiotherapists will also guide an athlete as they undertake training and return to competition after an injury.

Sports Physiotherapy for Brisbane Teams and Clubs

Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy provides a range of sports medicine services to our sponsored teams and clubs. One such service is providing sports training to a range of athletic events around Brisbane.

The Pivotal Motion Sports Trainers are highly motivated and qualified members of our practice. They provide First Aid services and help your team stay happy and healthy both on and off the field. Accredited with Sports Medicine Australia, our sports trainers help bridge the gap between coaches, physios, players, and parents to aid in immediate and long-term management of injuries. They can also assist in making sure players are competition ready. They always carry all the sprays, tapes, braces, and gadgets to provide full First Aid and injury management on game day.

Treatment and Management for Teams

The Pivotal Motion Sports Physiotherapists provide comprehensive treatment and management of our associated teams. Our physios can travel on tour with teams to make sure they are ready for game day, recover from competition, and to treat any injuries. Our physios provide excellent services to make sure that all members of the team are performing at their best.

One of our teams, and a regular touring fixture throughout the year, is the Brisbane Bandits baseball team, reigning champs of the Australian Baseball League. The Bandits have been with the clinic for the last couple years working with Bobbie-Jo Strong. She has worked closely with the boys to maximise their performance which has led them to a 3rd consecutive championship win.

Sports Physiotherapy Treatments

Our sports physiotherapists will use a range of different treatment strategies. Treatment can include:

  • Manual therapy such as massage and joint mobilisation
  • Thermal treatment such as heat or cold therapy
  • Exercise, flexibility, and mobility program
  • Reloading strategies
  • Biomechanical analysis and correction
  • Strapping, taping, or bracing

Our Physiotherapists will also educate athletes on the cause and management of their injury, and how to minimise risk of re-injury.

The importance of exercise for sport and spinal physio recovery

Exercise is a very important part of treatment for sports related issues. Our physios will provide exercises to aid in recovery and address any structural or muscular imbalances that may increase the risk of injury.

Our physios will also assist with any taping or bracing needs. Taping is common for ligament strains or ruptures. Some of the most regular taping is to prevent of anterior instability of the shoulder (for shoulder dislocations) and support of an injured acromioclavicular (AC) joints.

Another important aspect of athlete management is ensuring they athletes have a solid foundation in strength and conditioning and healthy exercise habits to complement their involvement in sport. These aspects are best addressed from an early age, so our clinic offers comprehensive strength and conditioning classes for adolescents.

Marathon physio help

Winter is the Australian season of marathons, half marathons, and triathlons. As many people use these events as an exercise goal to work towards, they are a regular topic of conversation and treatment within the clinic.

Our bodies are highly complex and can be quite fickle, and even small load changes can create health issues. As we look to progress our training, whether through increased distance, duration, or heightened intensity, it can cause pain and injury. Whether it is an ankle, knee, or hip, our physiotherapists are happy to help manage your injury. We can aid in load management, preventing deloading, and educating on safe training progression. We can also provide exercises which will help alleviate the symptoms of your injury.

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