Throwers Elbow

Baseball Player“Javelin throwers elbow” or “Little Leaguers Elbow” is a sprain injury of the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) of the medial elbow.

The pain begins when the elbow is subjected to a valgus force bigger than the tensile properties of the UCL.

This basically means the ligament is stretched beyond its limits.


What are the causes of throwers elbow?

It’s stretching might be provoked by poor technique of the javelin throw.

Poor technique consists of throwing with insufficient shoulder abduction (90° – 100°) then the elbow will be too low resulting in a valgus force on that joint.

Since the UCL is the principal structure opposing this motion, it will be the primary site of injury. Athletes participating in throwing sports, or overhead sports in general, are at higher risk of being diagnosed with this injury.

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