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Amy Ma


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Amy Ma joined our team as a Graduate Physiotherapist. Originally from Shanghai, China, Amy has always been passionate about sports and the arts. Her interest in badminton started at the age of 7 when she joined the junior team, and she continues to play recreationally today. In addition to badminton, Amy’s biggest hobby is horse riding, and she aspires to try other outdoor activities like diving, surfing, and motorbiking.

Beyond sports, Amy also has a deep appreciation for music. She began playing the accordion at the age of 4 or 5 and later joined her high school’s jazz band as a drummer.

Why Amy decided to be a Physiotherapist

Amy’s initial career aspiration was to study veterinarian science due to her love for animals and passion for horse riding. However, her plans changed after a chance conversation with a Chinese physiotherapy practitioner who had obtained his qualification in Australia. She was fascinated by the non-invasive approach of physiotherapy and its ability to positively impact people’s quality of life and recovery from pain. With this newfound interest, Amy decided to leave her home country and pursue studies in Australia.

Amy graduated with first-class honours from the University of Canberra, where she developed a keen interest in musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy. She is fascinated by how physiotherapy can aid in the prevention and recovery of these conditions, especially when incorporating exercise prescription with manual therapy.

Amy, who is currently a PhD student at the University of Queensland, is working on a research project focused on shoulder pain. Despite her research commitments, Amy is also actively practicing as a clinician. By doing so, she is able to 1) maintain and further develop her hands-on skills, 2) gain valuable insight into current clinical practices, ensuring that her research addresses the relevant issues, and 3) apply her knowledge and skills to benefit her patients.

Together with her colleagues, Amy is committed to supporting you through your recovery journey and helping you return to your normal daily activities, hobbies, and sports.

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