Update on School’s Out Summer Bootcamp

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Update on School’s Out Summer Bootcamp

To finish off 2016 we at Pivotal Motion decided to run a ‘School’s Out Summer Bootcamp’. The aim was to keep our adolescent client base active and outdoors through the school holidays.

But furthermore, teaching them some important fundamental strength and conditioning exercises. We wanted to give them a good understanding of the basics of strength and conditioning as they begin to pursue physical activity on their own.

Both Brendan and I have been thrilled with the effort shown by all participants in the summer bootcamp. Not only is everyone happy to participate, but they have been participating at their absolute maximum. We have experienced some days with extreme heat and have been happy with the dig in, no worry attitude.

Improvements were shown by all

After only two weeks and 4 sessions it is amazing to the see the improvement shown by all summer bootcamp participants. Basic exercises, like a body weight squat, are being performed with improved technique. Participants are throwing and catching with greater accuracy and most importantly these skills are being performed in a safer way with less risk of injury.

We have also seen a social maturity displayed through interactions between our participants. Seeing some of our original participants help new members in their first sessions was extremely pleasing to see.

It has been a pleasure getting outside, starting the day active and having fun with everyone. We are looking forward to the final leg of our boot camp as we ramp it up after a nice Christmas/New Year’s break. We hope to see further improvements and enthusiasm in everyone until school’s back.

A long lasting effect

We genuinely hope, these skills learned are long lasting and help our kids begin a more healthy and active lifestyle in a safe manner.

Do you like the sound of a summer bootcamp or just wanting advice on correct technique in the gym? Our trusted Brisbane exercise physiologist runs afternoon workout classes for teens on Mondays and Wednesdays. For more information call our physio on 07 3352 5116 or book an appointment online today.

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