Squishing those Gym Myths

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Squishing those Gym Myths

Gym myths

1. Static stretching is the best way to warm up

Even to this day, if you walk into any gym, you will always see someone performing long, static stretches prior to their  session in the belief they are warming up. Although it might feel like your priming your muscles for training, you you’ll be doing more harm than good.

Long bouts of static stretching change receptors in the muscle and tendons which are responsible for relaying important sensory information and force production. As a result, static stretching can actually decrease performance.

So how do you warm up then? Simply modifying the way you stretch is a great way to prime the body prior to the gym. This evolves more dynamic movements that will best prepare your body to move.

Key stretching modalities might include dynamic, ballistic or even proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), a fancy way of integrating muscle contractions into stretching. These are all methods that your physiotherapist can help guide and recommend specifically for you. Continue reading to learn more about common gym myths.

2. Lifting weights will make you bulky

Another great one is the belief that lifting weights will somehow turn you into a bulging bodybuilder. This is not true. Research has shown that lifting weights is actually as effective as endurance-based training for shifting body composition and weight loss. This is due to an increase in lean muscle tissue, which is associated with higher levels of metabolic activity. This means it uses more fuel (energy) to maintain when compared with fat. Not to mention, the overall caloric intake (Energy in vs energy out) is the biggest overriding factor determining whether you’re gaining or losing weight. So don’t be afraid to go and pick up a barbell or set of dumbbells!

3. No pain no gain

Unfortunately, mainstream media and popular shows have painted this idea that blood, sweat, and tears are the only way to get the results you’ve always desired.  They say if you’re not willing to commit to that, there’s no point trying.  This couldn’t be further from the truth! When it comes to the gym, and movement in general, the quality will always be more important than the quantity. It’s really important to establish healthy movement patterns and not compromise them to lift heavier or complete things faster. Pushing through pain and agony on a regular basis is a sure-fire way to end up in trouble later down the track. So instead, contact your physio to help understand ways to work around it or better yet prevent it altogether.

If you would like to learn more about common gym myths, or would like more direction in the gym, come check out our amazing team at Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy. With a wealth of knowledge and a friendly smile, we will happily get you back on track.

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