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Sports physiotherapist Dr Kristian Thorborg discusses optimal loading.

24/01/2017 by Pivotal Motion

A world leader in sports physiotherapy, Associate Professor Dr Kristian Thorborg is from Copenhagen University. He is renowned for his studies and clinical workshops related to patients with hip, groin, hamstring and knee related injuries.

Here he outlines:

  • The paradigm shift for the use of exercise to treat conditions such as tendinopathy and hamstring strains. He addresses questions such as ‘What is the ideal type of exercise?’ and ‘Does the body know if the exercise is concentric or eccentric?’
  • Cheap technology that can be used to help patients measure the load they are using and to check compliance
  • The challenge of treating patients in season
  • The concept of progression and the different stage of rehab that is preparation for ‘return to play’
  • Prevention – it needs monitoring of the players – waiting until they show up with pain is too late.

Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy discusses optimal loading quite regularly with load management with patients. How one loads up either in prehabilitation or rehabilitation or within season has a critical physiological response that can alter your outcome.

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