Specialising in one sport too early can be detrimental

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Specialising in one sport too early can be detrimental


What happens when you’re sitting around a campfire and you run out of timber and leaves? It dwindles down to nothing, right? Spot on. Burning out also happens to those kids who are specialising in one sport too early. Kids can burn themselves out just as much as any person. This may lead to avoidance behaviour with future physical activity, potential eating disorders, and a decrease in ambitious behaviour. Kids might also unconsciously find themselves self-isolating from other kids as all their focus is on their own sports. This may have flow on affects leading to a negative impact on networking opportunities. Developing relationships in childhood may be hindered by focussing on sport at an early age.


There are millions of children around the globe, including many from Australia who only pursue one type of sport growing up. A common result of specialising in one sport as a kid is overuse injuries. This is due to the simple fact that they are using similar muscle groups over and over [and over] again, without differentiating their movements too much. Children need to jump, bounce, side step, swing, push, pull, roll, walk and run to ensure they are developed. If they are experiencing overuse injuries, this is going to get in the way of their physical (and emotional) development. For help in finding solutions the problems caused by these injuries, reach out to an experienced Brisbane exercise physiologist at Pivotal Motion.


No matter what sport you choose, focusing too much on one sport may not lead to the perfect athlete. The old adage of needing to practice a skill for 10,000 hours is challenged by some. It may take many years to accomplish such a feat. Starting during childhood is generally a parent or coach’s goal. The coach and parents want their skill refined to perfection. However, delaying this early introduction of hyper-fixation on one skillset may prove protective for the child’s future performance. In turn, so they can develop a well-rounded skillset. Inherently increase their biological and cognitive development, and decrease their levels of psychological stress.

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