Radicular neck pain

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Radicular neck pain

Manual What is radicular pain?

Nerve’s are the undercover powerhouse of our bodies and movement, with billions of nerve fibers running through our bodies. Throughout the spine, there are nerve roots that splay out and exit from the vertebra. They branch off to innervate different muscles of the body. If one of the spaces where these nerves pass becomes narrow or stiff, it can cause radicular pain. This pain is from an inflamed or compressed nerve root. It can manifest as a burning, aching or tingling sensation downstream from the injured site.

Incidence and treatment

Neck radicular pain can radiate into the shoulders, upper back, and / or down the arms. People over 50 are more likely to be affected by this. This is due to our natural ageing process. Over time, the space of these passages

in the spine decrease in size. Manual therapy or a guided exercise program can assist in your recovery from radicular pain. These interventions help by decreasing the compression of the nerve root through manual therapy and a guided home exercise program. The goals of treatment are to increase the space where the nerve passes through the vertebrae, allowing decompression. This decompression frees up the nerve and sensation and movement returns to the area. If you have a history of trauma to your neck, it is important to highlight this to your physio.

Radicular pain can be frustrating and fluctuating but don’t worry, management and pain relief is possible!

If you are experiencing neck pain with radicular pain, book online to see one of your local physiotherapist for options on cervical radiculopathy or call 07 3352 5116

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