Keep Exercising During Isolation

Woman Exercising at Home

Keep Exercising During Isolation

-So as Not to Increase the Need to See a GP.

Worried about the health implications of being in isolation? Keeping up your 30 minutes of exercise daily is vital in maintaining your health and wellbeing. Exercising in isolation for even just half an hour can decrease the need to see a GP. The measures of self-isolation are vital in minimising the spread of Covid-19, but at what cost will it come to your physical health? Continue reading to learn how to leverage exercising during isolation to avoid having to see your GP.

Research indicates that sedentary behaviour can have adverse effects on both your physical and mental health, so maintaining physical activity during these tough times is essential. While reducing the risk of cardiovascular related diseases, physical activity helps in maintaining muscle mass and bone density, pivotal for desperate times such as these where we do not have access to our previous training methods.

Mental Health

Woman Exercising at HomeAdditionally, our mental health can also take a hit whilst being stuck at home for lengthy periods of time. Physical activity is proven to be effective in relieving stress, or even just to take your mind off daily life. Being active not only lowers stress hormones such as cortisol, but also promotes the release of endorphins,. More commonly known as ‘feel-good hormones’. In times of high stress  with the future uncertain, it is vital we find ways to lower stress. Something as simple as walking in the park or a home-workout can go a long way to reduce stress and improve mood.

We have been given the opportunity to improve our physical capacity and find new ways to challenge our bodies. Forced isolation has gifted us with more opportunity for better sleep. Extra sleep can enhance mental health, physical recovery, and reduce cardiovascular risk. If you’ve set yourself goals to improve your health in the past, now is the time to work towards them.

What you can do

There are many forms of home-based exercise we can do during isolation. Whether it is playing in the backyard with family or a pet, swimming in the pool, or even a home workout, getting 30 minutes of physical activity decreases the likelihood of needing to see your GP during this time. The best way to find exercise is to improvise. Times may be tough, but it is about being adaptable and going about daily life

Above all, be sure to check in with family and friends during this time, we are all in this together.

If you would like to learn more about home exercise programs, or experience any pain doing so, book an appointment with one of our physios at Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy. We are here to help you! We are now offering tele-health consults.

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