How a Physiotherapist can help make sports better for kids

How a Physiotherapist can help make sports better for kids

Physiotherapist for children

It is important that children engage in sports from a young age.  It is well established that participation in sports from a young age extends further than improvements in physical ability.  Literature has linked it to improved confidence, social skills, performance in schooling and the ability to effectively set goals to participation in sports, regardless of its team-based or individual nature.

However, joining up and staying with a sport isn’t as easy as it seems. Especially at the beginning of Primary School, several challenges entering a sporting team exist for a young child. They are often exposed to a new environment with a variety of new faces, and they are learning new tasks and might possibly do so at a different speed than their peers.  Making friends could pose another challenge. Often it is these initial few years of sports participation and the level of enjoyment they bring, that can shape a child’s attitudes and behaviours towards sports and physical activity in the future.

Fast forward a couple of years, usually children are beginning to establish themselves in their chosen sport. They find it enjoyable, have made several friends, and would not want to miss training and playing regularly. Whilst it seems that there is nothing more to do to further enhance the sports experience for the child, this is where a physiotherapist can make a difference.

Physiotherapy aims to assess, diagnose and treat movement disorders and injuries. Next to this, they are also experts in prevention plans and rehabilitation programs. Their primary goal is to make their patient better – in whatever capacity the patient desires.  They also play key roles in sporting teams, providing first aid and sports medicine, as well as helping players prepare and recover from games.

But how can a physio make sport better for kids?

A physio can assist in improving movement patterns and skill development. A physio can provide children with tailored sports activities and exercises to improve their technique. And, whilst injuries are an unfortunate result from playing sport, a physio can shorten the time spent off the field and get children back into their sport as soon as possible and safe.

At Pivotal Motion, we also offer teenage fitness programs run by our highly experienced exercise physio. Resistance training reduces the risk of sports-related injuries in adolescents. Even if your child is not overly athletic or does not aspire to play sports; strength and conditioning training can provide life-long benefits; one if which is posture.

If your child is currently participating in sport, and would like to find out more on how our physiotherapist can help. Give the team at Pivotal Motion call! Call us today on 07 3352 5116 or book online.

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