Happy chemicals when we exercise.

knee pain with running

Happy chemicals when we exercise.

Maintenance is my new favourite word. With the holidays coming up, it appears that we are all forgetting to look after ourselves. I too (and bear in mind I am a physiotherapist in Brisbane!) have been guilty of not knee pain with runningmaintaining my fitness routine this week. Perhaps we should start a support group…

It’s amazing how much your body can change with exercise. But, while most of us have a break after a long and exhausting day, a small minority of people enjoy a work out after a long day. What are they thinking you may ask?

Why causes exercise to become addictive?

The truth is that exercise becomes an addiction. It is not the actual act of running on a treadmill or doing a deadlift but the endorphins released during the workout. Our body’s very own happy chemicals are like a little army working to eliminate pain and depression. But, with the added benefit of a healthier and better looking body.

How do I get back into exercise routine?

Brisbane Physios are quite biased towards exercise-based treatment plans. However, as health professionals, we understand that uphill runs or body attack classes are not for everybody.  Therefore, your exercise program needs to cater to your age, level of fitness and any health issues or injuries you may have or have had previously.

There are those of you who are over-enthusiastic and are keen to get back into all forms of exercise and sport and others who are reluctant to set foot in the gym. I haven’t decided which is worse just yet, but I do advise you to come and have a chat to us before you decide to register for that half marathon.

Maybe you are returning to exercise from an injury or looking to begin a gym program but not sure where to start. Physiotherapists are trained to give you advice on how to begin your exercises, how to progress exercises and most importantly, how to get you to your goal.

So if you are starting to think about participating in the Bridge to Brisbane, or looking for a gym program. Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy can help you get there. Located in North Brisbane. Call us today to make an appointment on 07 3352 5116 or book online.

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