Four ways to make shopping safer

Melbourne shopping mall

Four ways to make shopping safer

Christmas Shopping

Oh dear! The dreaded time for Christmas shopping has returned! Despite the decorations, costumes and carols filling the shopping centres, Christmas shopping can cause a lot of stress, particularly on your body. Here are some great tips to keep your shopping injury free and make sure you’re ready for backyard cricket on Christmas day!

Lift correctly

Protecting your spine when lifting is essential to avoid back injury. Between the vertebrae of your spine, there are jelly-like discs that act as shock absorbers. Poor lifting technique can put these discs in danger as they can bulge and place pressure on the vertebrae and spinal cord.

Follow these tips for the perfect lift:

  • Keep firm footing.
  • Bend at your knees, rather than at your waist.
  • Engage your leg and abdominal muscles.
  • Keep your back straight and do not jerk or twist the load.

Carry shopping bags correctly

Christmas feast preparations often means carrying several heavy shopping bags all at once to your car, often parked a long way away from the store. This can place a large amount of stress on the tendons and muscles in your shoulder.

Follow these tips to avoid shoulder injury whilst shopping:

  • Good posture is essential. Try to extend your spine and draw your shoulders down and back.
  • Reduce the load. Another few minutes of unloading groceries instead of lifting all the bags at once will help to protect your shoulders and upper back.
  • Balance the load. Ensure your shopping bags are of similar weights. This will keep your spine straight and supported.

Wear comfortable shoes

At the end of a long day of countless laps around the shopping centre with one last present to get, sore feet are the last thing you want. Your feet take a lot of pressure throughout the day as a key component in posture, balance and stabilisation. Its integral to show them the support they show you! Wear comfortable and supportive shoes, such as sneakers or Birkenstocks, to get through your to-do list pain free (See our page about Feet & Ankle Physiotherapy).

Manage your stress

The chaos of Christmas shopping can be extremely stressful on both your mind and body. Taking time to rest during a shopping trip can be hugely beneficial in avoiding injury and keeping you fit to join in with all the joy and festivities of Christmas.

But if injury does come down your chimney this holiday season, the team at Pivotal Motion are here for you! Call us on 07 3352 5116

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