Can I train with an injury?

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Can I train with an injury?

If you love sport and exercise, there’s no doubt that it’s extremely frustrating when an injury interrupts your plans and routine with training. Injuries can happen at any time and catch athletes off guard, proving to be extremely annoying, upsetting and often timely to recover from. They are not only physically inconvenient, but many also feel the mental consequences of decreasing their sporting hours due to injury or illness.

What can I do?

Asking an athlete to stop participating in their sport is like asking a dog to stop wagging its tail. Yes, having an injury most likely means some downtime to give your body the respect and time it needs to heal. However, does an injury mean that you have to cease all forms of exercise and training? No. The body responds extremely well to any form of movement, and if you are competing at a high level in sport, its crucial to not stop exercise altogether when injured to ensure the upkeep of joint range of motion, muscle strength and stretch. Of course the suggestions are injury and sport dependent.

below are some examples of different forms of exercise that can be undertaken to maintain movement when you have an injury:

1. Pool workouts: take substantial load off the body

2. Yoga mat core workout: a circuit of ab exercises that can be performed on a mat

3. Trigger point balls: to isolate muscle triggers and release muscles

4. Stationary bike

The big picture:

Injuries can leave athletes feeling frustrated and at a crossroad. It is easy to feel excluded when you’re in the rehab club instead of on the field or performing. Therefore maintaining some form of training whilst injured is important. Rehab can also prove to be extremely beneficial for athletes as it gives them time to focus more in depth on their sport. For example, a Netball player with a ruptured ACL may end up with stronger legs following their rehabilitation program.

Rehab and recovery is still considered training, the athlete is just working towards a different goals. This can build resilience and mental toughness that will trickle through into their sporting performance. If you are suffering from an injury, ensure that you have support, and a plan, with goals to achieve.

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