The Benefits of Having a Trainer

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The Benefits of Having a Trainer

The benefits of having a trainer in the gym is not only to motivate you to lift heavier.  Yes, they hold you accountable, but an experienced trainer can benefit you more than just making sure you’re getting out of bed and into the gym. Trainers can hold different titles and qualifications, thus choosing a trainer that is right for you and your goals can give you the head start you need.


A trainer can motivate and help with technique.

Different trainers for different needs:

Personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, and Exercise Physiologists are some of the types of trainers that you will come across in the gym. Just like you have different clothing for different seasons, you have different trainers for different reasons! These types of trainers discussed below are all trained in health and fitness, however each can add something different to your training.

Personal trainers (PT):

PT’s have a great understanding of fitness and how to adapt programs to individuals. Personal trainers hold you accountable for exercise, whilst helping you to achieve your fitness goals. Some personal trainers may specialise in certain types of training, therefore doing your research can help you find the perfect one.

Strength and conditioning coach:

Strength and conditioning coaches are experienced fitness professionals. Their focus is more towards increasing muscle strength and power for athlete performance or specific strength fitness goals.

Exercise Physiologist:

An exercise physiologist has extensive knowledge of the human body and its response to exercise, therefore if an individual has underlying medical conditions or precautions to exercising, an exercise physiologist is an important addition to their training.

How can a trainer benefit you?

  1. Provide support for all aspects of training
  2. Increase motivation and adherence
  3. Provide education and training strategies
  4. Ensure safety by teaching correct technique
  5. Specific programs
  6. Assist in achieving fitness goals whilst managing medical conditions

At Pivotal Motion we believe that there are many benefits to having a trainer. Incorporate a trainer into your routine with one on one or group training. They can ensure that are turning your goals into practice while maintaining optimal body function. This is why we have an experienced Exercise Physiologist at our clinic gym.

If you would like to know more about how an accredited physio could improve your fitness journey and get your body to optimal health, call the clinic on 07 3352 5116 or book online today.

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