Pregnancy and Lower Back Pain…

Lower Back Pain Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Lower Back Pain…

Lower Back Pain Pregnancy

Let’s talk about back pain during pregnancy! Lumbopelvic or lower back pain is experienced by over 50% of women during pregnancy. As your baby grows, pressure on the lower spine and pelvic regions increases, becoming more apparent as you reach the second and third trimesters.

What causes lower back pain in pregnancy?

Pregnancy changes your center of gravity, resulting in a gradual change in posture, contributing to back strain. Further stress is caused by the weight gained throughout the trimesters. As your baby develops, your body releases hormones that relax and loosen ligaments and muscles to prepare for childbirth. Hence, impeding the support your back would usually receive. Emotional stress could also contribute to back tension and pain.

How to reduce lower back pain in pregnancy:

Try out the following tips to ease your back pain during pregnancy!

Heat or ice

Either of these two remedies can help relieve pain in the back region. Based on your preference and experience you may find that one works better for you.

Avoid sleeping on your back

Research recommends sleeping on your left side and support your knees with a pillow. This helps to remove the pressure from your spine and enables the most blood and nutrients to reach the placenta and your baby.

Maintain good posture

Always bend with your knees and ensure your back is straight when lifting. Balancing weight, such as between shopping bags, will help to avoid back pain too.

Regular exercise

Exercise will strengthen muscles and increase flexibility which can reduce tension in the painful area. Walking, swimming and other low-intensity exercises are safe for most pregnant women. However, always discuss exercise during pregnancy with your physiotherapist or health clinician.

Get plenty of rest

Elevating your feet will alleviate the stress on your back and allow you to keep on going throughout the day.

The friendly physiotherapists at Pivotal Motion are experts regarding pregnancy-related lumbopelvic back pain and can provide individualised treatment options that target your personal stage in pregnancy. To take the first step towards achieving a more comfortable pregnancy, call us on 07 3352 5116.

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