Pins and needles in the Wrist

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Pins and needles in the Wrist

Ever feel experience numbness or pins and needles in your wrists and fingers? This blog will hopefully shed some light as to why this is occurring and some possible remedies.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Carpal Tunnel is often associated with the aforementioned symptoms, and even pain.
  • Occurs due to pressure on the nerve that runs down into the hands.
  • A common risk factor can be repetitive and monotonous wrist motion, something that is highly common in desk jobs.
  • Other risk factors can include obesity, pregnancy, genetics or rheumatoid inflammation.

Utilising the services of a physiotherapist can help to determine the cause of the issue and further your understanding of managing the pain. They will go through what treatment paths are available that will be best suited to you.

There are both non surgical and surgical treatments for carpel tunnel syndrome. Initially a splint can be trialed to assess whether it has a significant impact on pain. The splint looks similar to a fingerless glove which helps to straighten and stabilise the wrist. Physiotherapists can also administer a series of manual therapy techniques which can help to relieve pressure on the nerve. These techniques have been well documented and proven to significantly assist in the management of pain and tingling symptoms.

Surgical treatments can be discussed such as injections or surgery if this is not effective. There is still a debate as to which is more effective.

If you want to discuss any issues with wrist pain or pins and needles, book an appointment with the leaders in physiotherapy Brisbane wide! We will work with you to construct a robust arm physiotherapy program to help you live pain free!

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