Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy – Improving Range of Motion in Your Body

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Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy – Improving Range of Motion in Your Body

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We pride ourselves on our client focus here at Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy. Welcoming new and returning patients equally, and giving 100% of our attention to establishing diagnosis, treatments and positive outcomes. We are here to promote overall health and positive ways of improving range of motion.

Conveniently located in Newmarket Village, Newmarket, Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy which is easily accessed from anywhere in Brisbane. Whatever the problem, Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy is the place to go.

Why Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy

When we experience pain or discomfort in the lower back or the neck, we often think that it’s due to stress or strenuous activities. What we don’t think of is the combination of lifestyle factors on our entire bodies. Quite often misalignments and discomforts start in multiple areas before making their way to a central breaking point. So it’s always best to take care of your entire body, not just specific areas.

What We Do:

Physiotherapy is the process of improving range of motion throughout the entire body, increasing functionality and overall well-being through the use of massage and exercise. Our bodies are able to adapt to any environment, and similarly able to heal damage caused by these environments.

Unfortunately, that healing process may take some time, and with our busy lifestyles, that niggling knee injury or occasional neck pain may turn into something more serious or irreversible. Thankfully, most pains or injuries can be diagnosed and treated within a short space of time through the professional application of either physiotherapy or sports physiology by the staff at Pivotal Motion.

Body Parts:

The human body is a complex and incredibly inter-connected organism, so it’s not surprising that injury identification and treatment can be confusing to many. But with most injuries, it’s often a combination of muscle groups or joints that aren’t working to their full potential, rather than a single muscle group failing. Main muscle groups, such as the chest, the legs and the abdomen, have smaller supporting muscles that allow us to move and keep up with the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

So a problem or injury in one area might highlight problems in the supporting areas as well. Fortunately, that also means that most injuries may only need a couple of treatments to fully take advantage of improving range of motion. Keeping the body well maintained requires regular upkeep, similar to an oil and grease change. Below are areas where problems may occur, with descriptions and information provided for your benefit.

Conditions & Diseases – Physiotherapy

Like getting a flu shot before you travel or strapping before a game, active preparation is one of the best ways to avoid injury or illness. Physiotherapy treatments is one way to actively prepare not only your muscles and joints from aches and strains, but also assist in treating more serious conditions, diseases and illnesses.

Respiratory issues such as Asthma and Cystic Fibrosis can be helped via physiotherapy treatments and exercises, as can other conditions such as arthritis and Lymphoedema. While only a piece in a puzzle, physiotherapy treatments are an important piece in achieving optimal health.

Sporting Connections:

Sport, whether it’s recreational or professional, can be the biggest cause for consistent and long term injuries. Movement such as the twisting, turning and body-to-body contact can cause damage to joints and muscles. Sprains, tears and dislocations can unfortunately have a commonplace in sport. However, with proper stretching and exercise based on the principles of physiotherapy, improving range of motion in your body can be achieve and is likely to reduce the seriousness of injuries.

As sport is such an important part of keeping active, and being a part of a community, the Pivotal Motion team offers physiotherapy Brisbane wide to all sporting types, across all codes, from local teams to National League teams. This involvement also allows younger teams to be exposed to the benefits of physiotherapy, allowing for less injuries and better sporting pursuits and careers.

A proud supporter of active lifestyles and sporting communities, Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy welcomes consultations, business and sponsorship with all clubs. Book an appointment online or call us on 07 3352 5116 to speak to our friendly team. 

UPDATED 19/05/2022

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