Why not try something different?

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Why not try something different?

Humans are creatures of habit. We all love to have a routine and keep to it, whether it’s our day to day life, or our sporting choices. We keep to this routine because it makes us comfortable. However, if you don’t try different things you may be missing out on something you’ll enjoy more. Let’s talk about trying some different sports or modes of exercise. If you only go to the gym or just ride a bike you may be missing out on some other fitness benefits. So, why not try something different.

Cross training

Cross training is a great way to improve your fitness while doing a different sport. It also gives you a rest from the normal movements you perform in your main sport. If you’re a runner, you can greatly benefit from riding a bike or the bi-weekly swim to improve your fitness. Or you could even change up the surface and hit the trails instead. Cross training is a great way to keep fit you’ll you’re injured too. If you’re unable to perform the movements of your normal sport you can still maintain or improve your fitness through another sport. Cycling and swimming are both no impact sports. So if you have an impact related injury, you can greatly benefit from swimming and cycling.

How can I add variety into my training?

If you go to the gym everyday, why not spend two days going for a bike ride instead? This is a great way to improve your cardiorespiratory fitness and give your body a rest from lifting weights. Taking two days off lifting is going to allow your body to recover better and create more adaptations to the training. In these two days you’ll be improving other areas of your fitness. So mixing up your routine won’t have any negative impacts. It will actually improve your fitness!

Other ways

If you’re someone who keeps things to running, swimming, or cycling you may benefit from some social team sports. This is a great way to have a more relaxed approach to fitness while also staying social. Playing team sports will also work your body in different ways compared to the repetitive nature of individual sports and give your body something new to adapt to. Social sport is very popular and there are so many facilities in so many Brisbane suburbs that allow you to get involved.

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