Why do kids dropout of sport after school?

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Why do kids dropout of sport after school?


What do we value as important once we finish school? Going to uni, buying a car, beginning a career, travelling, being independent. So where on earth do we fit sporting interests in all this? Some view this as a bit of a predicament, which is true in the case when kids dropout of sport. Unfortunately more so for females than males, as they have higher dropout rates. It’s also been found that individuals from culturally diverse communities are at a higher risk of dropout too.


Individuals who play many sports at school are protected from dropout entirely once school finishes. In other words, playing minimal amounts of sport during school puts our children at risk of dropping sport all together once they graduate. A great thing about almost any school, is that most kids have access to join in with sport. This goes across all four semesters therefore providing significant opportunities to get involved. Better yet, most schools don’t require additional fee’s to pay, as enrolment fee’s generally cover this.

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Another reason for kids dropping sport after they finish school is because they’ve lost the structured timetable! No more 6 subjects in a day or before school swim training. No more after school cricket practice, no easy access to teaches; mentors; and coaches. This can make it very hard for our kids going through those transition years after school to find that regimented lifestyle. Therefore, there is a decrease in structured sport and increases in only non-structured leisurely activity. Other reasons also includes without a school spirit and team environment, children also experience decreased levels of fun, friends drift apart, and they can’t enjoy their time playing the sport as much as they once did with their friends.


A potential strategy on how-to decrease the kids dropout of sport after school rate could be to find valuable reasons to stay engaged with teammates and friends! This could be coming up with ways to join sports where mutual interest and motivation can be found. For example, in the last four years there have been several Ninja Warrior gyms open up and are highly appealing to a younger population where they can do rock climbing, slack lining, resistance training – all while being supported by coaches, trainers, and like-minded people their own age.

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