Transference of skills between sports

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Transference of skills between sports


Did you know that if you stand on one leg, close the opposite eye, and look up. This may help to improve your balance when jumping to catch a rugby ball and landing. Learning and performing new skills outside of ones preferred sport can with transference of skills across to your main sport. This is why it’s important to play as many different sports as you can. The different skills you learn from different sports will transfer across to your main sport and improve your performance.


Have you ever considered that there may be physical movement benefits when playing different sports? Let’s have a think about a comparative example of both soccer and rugby. Both demand an ability to track a ball in flight as it flies through the air. While you have to be able to perceive its speed, trajectory, and where it’s going to land. One thing that’s been shown to separate athletes and their comrades is previous sporting involvement.


Two ways to go about transference of skills are acquiring skills without intention, and influence from an individual in a leadership position. For example – a coach, professional expert, or exercise psychologist. If an individual can be exposed to a variety of coaching styles, different sporting contexts, other team mates, different training regiments, and social environments this may have a positive influence on their number one sport. So during your off-season consider taking up another sport – it may surprise you to see what benefits it could bring to your social lives, physical heath, and most importantly your ability to perform better in your preferred sport.

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