Stretch Guide For Tradies

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Stretch Guide For Tradies

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Effects of Tradie and Manual Labour Work on Health

Physically demanding jobs within the trade industry can cause and exacerbate a range of injuries. According to the Australian Physiotherapy Association, tradies are the most likely to have workplace injuries. In turn, tradies land out of work on average 5-6 weeks a year – which is a luxury some simply can’t afford.

The most prominent injury experienced by tradies is back pain as it is heavily utilised within industry tasks. Other injuries include shoulder and knee injuries as well as ankle sprains.

What Can I Do About It?

Your body is your best tool after all, so it is vital to take care of it. The APA recommends the following to help you take care of your health:

  • Warm up each morning before you start work with some targeted stretches, such as quadricep stretches (front of the thigh) if your work involves lots of squatting
  • Pace your workload and rate throughout the day to avoid issues related to overuse and fatigue
  • Communicate well with your workmates to ensure you are working in the most efficient and safe manner
  • Be willing to speak up if you feel uneasy about the level of risk you are exposed to at work
  • Don’t put yourself at risk of injury by rushing
  • Be willing to say ‘no’ when required to ensure both your own safety and that of others, even if it might make you unpopular at that moment. Worksite supervisors and employers are legally responsible for safe worksites and conditions and will be held accountable if there are breaches of work site regulations
  • Seek advice from your physiotherapist if you experience any aches or pains that are persistent, rather than waiting till it’s bad enough to stop you from continuing work
  • Manage injuries immediately with the RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation).

Can Pivotal Motion Help?

At Pivotal Motion, we have specialised physiotherapists that can assist with your needs. Simply reach out to our friendly team on (07) 3352 5116 or book online here. We also created a free guide with some handy stretches that aim to assist with damage caused by desk and office jobs. You can access it below!


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