Tips to start and maintain exercise


Tips to start and maintain exercise

If you find yourself struggling to start or maintain exercise, you’re definitely not alone. We all know the benefits and importance of exercising (better sleep, improved mood, improved health and fitness), along with plenty of workout plans all over the internet. But if knowing this information was all that was needed, then we would all be exercising to our hearts content.

There are a few common issues causing people to drop off their exercising. Difficulty of the exercise, muscle soreness and lack of motivation are some common reasons just to name a few.

Here are some tips to help get you started and keep on exercising!


Exercising tips:

  1. Don’t focus on details

Don’t overthink exercise. There is no magic number of reps or sets. A good number to start with is 3×10 repetitions of each exercise. As long as you are doing the exercises with good technique and they do not cause any pain, you will be getting benefits from the exercises.

  1. Find your routine

Find a time that suits you the best. To start with, a workout of 5 exercises for 3×10 repetitions should just take roughly 20 minutes. An at home bodyweight based exercise routine could help with time. You could do this first thing in the morning, just before lunch, or just before sleeping.

  1. Avoid the all or nothing mentality

Exercising doesn’t need to be done for hours in the gym and exerting yourself to your absolute limits. In fact, if you have just started or just getting back into your fitness journey, it is best to start with small amounts of exercise at a time. A good number of exercises to start with is 5 exercises targeting large muscle groups (e.g. push ups, rows and squats).

  1. Avoid your smart devices

Smart phones and tablets have become an important part of our lives nowadays. But sometimes they can be a big distraction with various notifications while you try to workout. A good way is to leave your device on “do not disturb”, turn them off or leave it in another room so you won’t have the urge to want to check it.

  1. Find a friend

Exercising by yourself can become very tedious and boring. Having a workout buddy is always helpful to help maintain your exercise regime. You can even turn it into a little challenge between yourselves.

  1. Find an exercise professional

If you have tried all the above and is still struggling to find a way to integrate exercise into your lifestyle, it may help to seek an exercise professional such as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist to help. This is also important if your limiting factor to exercise is your physical conditions (e.g. aches and pains or other medical conditions). This way you can be provided with a safe and effective method to keep up with your exercising regime.

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