Returning to exercise after holidays

Returning to exercise after holidays

Throughout holidays, it is a time where we tend to overindulge in various treats and put exercise on the backburner. We also often end up putting our exercise routine on hold or slack off completely. Enjoying the holidays annd taking a break in exercise is an important thing to do. But sometimes this can make it very difficult when we are returning to exercise after the holidays have ended.


Here are 5 ways to help you maintain and get back into exercising after the holiday period:

1. If you still have access to a gym, it is good to maintain your normal exercise routine. Instead of continuing full length and intensity workouts, try using this time to deload. You can perform shorter workouts at lighter weights to let the body recover. This is a good time to focus on those smaller areas that you may have been putting off. This will help keep the routine, making it easier to start again after the holidays.


2. While we are away on holidays, we often don’t have access to the equipment’s we need to perform our normal exercises routine. Workout sessions can be replaced with stretching and mobility exercises. By utilising your time this way, not only is it a good opportunity to work on your flexibility and mobility, this will again help keep your routine.


3. If you do take some time off, make sure you return to exercise slowly. Take the first week to ease yourself into the exercise routine. Remember, you have just had some time away from exercise; therefore your body will need some time to adjust. The weights you were using  used before may look and feel ok, but start with a lighter weight to let the body get used to it again.


4. Give yourself the least number of ways to find excuses to avoid exercise. You might be ready go for a workout, but realise you can’t find your workout gear. Pre-packing your workout gear and placing it at a convenient location will help make sure you are ready to go.


5. Don’t be too harsh on yourself if you don’t get a good workout in. It is very normal to feel a little weaker after a break. You may only be able to do 10mins instead of 20mins on the treadmill, lift 5-10kg less than what you did previously, or feel tired half way throughout your normal workout routine. But remember, it is perfectly fine to finish a workout short until you build back up. Listen to your body, take rests where needed.


The most important thing to remember is that something is better than nothing. If you are finding it difficult to restart or maintain your exercises, our Exercise Physiologists team are here to help guide you through. Feel free to give our friendly team a call on 07 3352 5116, or book online!

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