Leg Length Difference

Leg Length Difference

Leg Length Difference

Our bodies aren’t always symmetrical, there are small differences between each side that make us unique. The length of your legs is just one example where these differences between right and left can occur.

Are difference in leg length common?


A difference between the length of a person’s legs is a relatively common. There are a number of different causes for the difference between left and right.

There may be a structural difference, where the length of the tibia or the femur may be different.

Alternatively, there may be a functional leg length difference. A functional leg length difference refers to a soft tissue changes. These soft tissue changes include; tightness in the muscles, joints, or tendons at the foot, knee, or hip.

Leg length differences can occur as part of an individual’s make-up, or may result from a surgery or injury, or develop after a preference for the use of one side.

How can leg length difference affect you?

A leg length difference can contribute to one-sided problems of the foot, lower leg, hip, or lower back. Caused by an uneven distribution of body weight when standing and walking.

A small leg length difference may cause no major effects. However, as the difference between leg lengths increases, so too does the likelihood of injury.

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