Incidental Exercise – Why is it important?

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Incidental Exercise – Why is it important?

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What is incidental exercise?

Incidental exercise is any unstructured/unplanned physical activity that is built up in small amounts over the course of the day. So, for example this could be taking the stairs and not the elevator,  parking further away from the shops, walking down to your local cafe instead of driving and playing outdoors with your children.

Why is incidental exercise important?

Because individuals often cite time as their main barrier to regular structured exercise programs, making small behavioural changes, like those listed above, can help people increase their physical activity levels and attain the health benefits that come with it. The health benefits associated with increased incidental exercise are:

  1. Improve cardiovascular health/fitness.
  2. Assist with maintaining muscular health and bone health.
  3. Help maintain a healthy weight.

Does this mean I can do less structured/planned exercise?

So, does this mean that you don’t have to complete a structured exercise routine?

Does this mean that incidental exercise is more important than a planned exercise routine?


Participating in a structured exercise program is still as important, if not more important, as increasing your incidental exercise so as to meet the current Australian Guidelines for Physical Activity and obtain all the benefits that come with that. Furthermore, structured exercise allows us to hone in on various aspects of our physical health that we would like to improve/maintain, engage socially with others, all of which positively impact our mood and emotional wellbeing. Some examples are:

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