Hydrotherapy: Get The Most Out of Your Bath

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Hydrotherapy: Get The Most Out of Your Bath

Hydrotherapy physio is a modality used to treat injuries, muscle pain, and improve recovery. It may sound a little complex, but in its simplest form you can take advantage of the benefits of hydrotherapy in your bath.

Did you know that different types of baths have different effects on your body? Hydrotherapy can optimise the effects of your workout using water pressure and temperature. Running a bath after a long day or after a workout can help you wind down, improve your recovery, and get the most out of your movement.

So how can you optimise your bath time after a workout or long day?

Cold or Ice Baths

Cold baths provide numerous health benefits. When your body comes in contact with cold water, it lowers the temperature of damaged tissue, constricting blood vessels. On a larger scale it lowers your heart rate and increases circulation, assisting with a faster recovery due to the decrease in inflammation.

Stress levels will also decrease as a result of drop in uric acid. Levels of glutathione will increase which has the potential to strengthen your immune system, detox your body, and control inflammation. You can also bring yourself to a meditative state while laying in cold water as you pace your breathing to become more calm and collected.

Warm or Hot Baths

Three major benefits of a bath on the warmer side is that it can soothe and relieve sore muscles, joints, and ligaments. Where cold water promotes circulation more internally, hotter temperatures will promote circulation more on the outer layers of your body.

To reap the benefits of hot and cold temps, you could alternate between temperatures a few minutes at a time in the shower instead or utilise a health spa close by.

Epsom salt

Epsom bath salts are great for increased blood circulation, lowering of blood pressure, and soothing of aches and pains. Its high mineral content duplicates the likeness of a hot spring to alleviate your achy muscles and the magnesium content within helps remove acids through the skin.

Epsom salts are also very different from sea salt. The former does not dry out skin nor leave you a salty residue. Pour about 1 or 2 cups into your tub and you are good to go.

Essential Oils for Ultimate Relaxation

Scent can be integrated into your bath, creating a sanctuary for you to unwind. Lavender, particularly, helps relax the mind and lower stress levels. It also has properties that makes it easier for you to fall asleep after. Just pop five drops into your bath to wind down.  

Soothe your body, ease your muscles, relax and unwind for the day… It’s well-deserved after a good workout. Speak to our Brisbane exercise physiologist at Pivotal Motion if you’d like to know how else to optimise the effect of your workouts. Call us today on 07 3352 5116 or book the physiotherapist Brisbane knows for great service and even greater results online now!

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