Use SMART goals this year

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Use SMART goals this year

Each year the majority of us set some goals that we want to achieve for the coming year. It’s well known that so many people don’t end up achieving their goals and revert back to their old habits. Often the goals we set are too hard, or we set a timeframe that just isn’t feasible. In order to achieve our goals we need to make SMART goals. Here are some tips on how to plan an achievable goal and also ways to keep yourself on track to tick them off.


SMART goal

Anytime you set yourself a goal, whether it’s a rehab objective, a work objective, or a sporting objective, it should always follow the SMART principle. Those of use who work in an allied health profession get this drilled into our heads very early on in our degree. A SMART goal is a goal that’s Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time based.

 Making SMART goals

A specific goal is self-implied. Your goal must have a specific purpose. It must be measurable, you must be able to record your progress and know exactly what is required to achieve this goal. It must be something that’s achievable. This is where everyone goes wrong. They set themselves a goal that just isn’t achievable and then just give up. There’s nothing wrong with setting yourself a tough goal but you have to be realistic about it. Goals that are unrealistic are just begging to get forgotten.

Finally, time based goals set yourself a timeframe that you can achieve your goal in. So often people set themselves a non-SMART goal and then give up after a month because they haven’t achieved it. If you set SMART goals, you will take into account all the factors that make up your goals and then be able to make a realistic time frame to reach your target.


Here’s the change

If you set a non-SMART goal such as “learning a new language”, you’re making it hard for yourself. First of all, learning a new language takes a lot of time and practice. Learning a new language is a great skill, however it’s not specific or gives a time frame. There’s also no scale to measure how well you’ve done. Instead set yourself the goal of “I want to learn to speak 3 complete sentences in French by the end of January. This goal has a specific purpose, gives a time frame, is measurable and is certainly achievable and realistic.


Some other tips

When you set yourself a goal, involve your family and friends in your choice. This makes you accountable and holds you to your actions. By telling other people, you now have some extra support from others. Secondly, set yourself some short term goals alongside your main goal. In this way you can measure your progress to your ultimate goal while also still ticking off smaller goals. This is a great way to stay motivated and moving forward.

If you’re having trouble setting a SMART goal or want a program to get you to your resolution, we provide strength and balancing classes and exercise physiology that can help you get started. Our friendly physio Brisbane team welcomes all enquiries. Please get in touch with us by calling 07 3352 5116, emailing or booking online.


Updated 28/11/2022

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