Trialling a new summer sport for fitness

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Trialling a new summer sport for fitness

Thinking about trialling a new summer sport for fitness? Unsure of where to start this year?

Summer is finally here and that means better weather to enjoy the outdoors and get a little physical activity into your daily routine.

Whether you are a total newbie to sports or experienced athlete, here are 10 summer sports to try!

10 new summer sports to trial

  1. Canoeing, kayaking & paddle- boarding

For those of you who love a bit of adventure, canoeing, kayaking and paddle- boarding are great summer sports to

Person kneeling on surfboardexplore hidden gems. They are also great ways to train multiple muscle groups- primarily your back, shoulder, arms and core muscles.

If you are worried about rough and rocky waves,  there are plenty of places you can go where the waters are calm.

For Queenslanders, there are plenty of wonderful waterways and river reaches around to explore, such as the Brisbane River, Moreton Island, Redlands coast and many more!!

If you reside in other states in Australia, there are also plenty of beautiful spots to explore on a canoe or kayak.


  1. Cycling

Cycling is a great lower impact exercise option, with the opportunity of being outdoors and exploring new views. Furthermore, cycling has also tons of benefit for your cardiovascular health and fitness, while providing you a solid lower body workout, especially with cycling uphill terrain. If you prefer to cycle in a group and meet new people, you can join local cycling groups, or even look up cycling groups on Facebook.

For those of you who are super adventurous and like a bit of challenge, mountain biking may be a great option for you to give it a try.Image of guy riding bike in grassland

  1. Tennis

Traditionally, the Australian Open Grand Slam tennis tournament is a popular event that happens every summer in Melbourne, especially for tennis fans and lovers.

Tennis can be played in any season if you have an indoor court near you. However, during summer,  it’s also great to play outdoors. In addition, tennis is also a fun higher-intensity exercise to get your heart rate up and bring on a good sweat.

Playing a doubles game is also a great way to involve family and friends. If you are competitive, you can find a partner with a similar level of fitness to get maximum enjoyment from the sport.


  1. Beach volleyball

Volleyball plus the beach- what’s there not to love? (Of course, unless you dislike going to the beach). Whether you are signing up as a beginner recreational level player, or as a serious competitor, beach volleyball is a fun and social summer sport that requires lots of teamwork (and hand-eye coordination too!).

Our physiotherapist works with numerous volleyball players to help them recover and perform better. Therefore, come see us if you have an injury from volleyball.


  1. Baseball and softball

Both softball and baseball are great get-together summer sports for families and friends. Baseball in Australia is a year- round sport that consists of summer and winter playing seasons. If you are interested in playing in baseball or softball competition, there are different associations for different ages and levels of experience.


  1. Swimming

First thing that comes to our minds during summer is- going to the beach for a swim or lounging in the pool (with a glass of martini if you are living it up). Whether you swim competitively, for exercise, or Person swimming in lanefor fun, summer is the perfect time to do more of it. Besides, for those of you that find it difficult to perform high impact activities such as running or jumping- based sports, swimming will be a great option for you to get some exercise in.




  1. Water polo

For those of you who prefer a more social water sport, water polo is a fun team sport. The sport, which is kind of like an aqua-based version of handball, actually requires quite a fair amount of stamina- so be prepared!!


  1. Ultimate Frisbee

If you find ordinary Frisbee a tad boring, take the game to the next level with ultimate Frisbee. If you don’t know what Ultimate Frisbee is like, it’s definitely a lot more intense and fast-paced. (No doubt, you will for sure work up a sweat!)


  1. Rock climbing

No doubt rock climbing isn’t for everyone, especially those that have a fear of heights! However, it is a great adrenaline activity for the thrill seekers. If you have had experience bouldering indoors, you can take it up a notch by trying outdoors rock climbing. If you aren’t ready for the tough terrain, look into indoor options on a climbing wall instead, with or without the further option of having lessons.


  1. Surfing

Perhaps surfing has been something on your bucket list. Now that summer is around the corner, it might be worth finally giving surfing a go! If you are completely new to surfing and don’t know where to start, you can do a couple of lessons at indoor wave and surf pools, where you can learn the fundamental movements and mechanics.

Surfing is a great way to challenge your balance, strength and stability, with resisting against external forces of the waves.

If you would like to get yourself physically prepared for whichever summer sports you would like to participate, book an appointment at Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy. Call on 07 3352 5116 or book online today.


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