The effect of joint mobilisations

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The effect of joint mobilisations

Our joints

The joints in our body are constantly working throughout the day without us even realising. At any point in your body that you can bend, there is a joint responsible for it! They undergo hundreds of repetitions daily with activities such as walking, typing, driving and talking. We wouldn’t function without our joints… yes, they are very important, so of course ensuring they are at their optimal health is crucial. Joints can become stiff, painful and / or dysfunctional but don’t worry, there are physiotherapy treatment techniques that can help you!

What are mobilisations?

Physiotherapists use joint mobilisations to restore range, function and relieve pain. These techniques involve the therapist performing gentle oscillations to the joint. They can be performed through range and specific movements to assist with deficits that the patient is experiencing. They often provide pain relief and ensure the joint is translating across its surfaces smoothly to address the patients presenting problem. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare found that around 16% of Australians have back problems (AIHW, 2020). Joint mobilisations on the Lumbar Spine have been proven to provide pain relief and ease patients symptoms in people with low back pain. The prevalence of neck and back pain has increased exponentially since the working from home implications of COVID-Hands on Physio treatment - Bones of the foot blog featured image19. Similarly to the lower back, neck (cervical spine) mobilisations can be used to treat headaches, stiffness, and improve rotation range.

As an adjunct treatment technique in physiotherapy, joint mobilisations are an important addition that is supported by evidence. You don’t have to deal with joint pain, stiffness, or dysfunction until it is debilitating. Instead, take care of your joints and seek early intervention. Your joints provide an important base for movement!

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