Posture Bras help women’s posture

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Posture Bras help women’s posture

Are you struggling with upper back pain? Come see us at Pivotal Motion, the physiotherapist Brisbane relies on to get them moving again.

Did you know that 80% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra?  Posture bras help women’s posture if you have a larger chest size.

Women with a fuller figure, and larger breasts, wearing the wrong size bra can lead to daily back and shoulder pain. The extra weight of having larger breasts, pulling the shoulders forward and increasing the curve of your upper back. This poor posture consequently leads to ongoing pain.  Or even prolong postures such as office work contribute to neck and back pain.back posture exercises

A posture bra, or at least a well fitting bra, can help provide added support for your breasts.  This then takes the strain off your shoulders or back.

Posture bras are designed to add support at key stress points across the shoulders.  This is what most standard women’s bras do not account for. For example, they have wider shoulder straps and back band.

How do they help with my posture?

Posture bra will help improve your posture by pulling your shoulders back and reducing flexion through your upper back.  Initially reducing pain, it will not help your posture alone or fix the problem.  Posture bras are good for giving you feedback on “good posture”.

It is important that you follow a strengthening program to work on the specific postural muscles, and follow important advice for ongoing benefit and reduced pain.

How we can help at Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy with your posture?

At Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy, we will carry out a full assessment and be able to provide you with advice about why postures bras are important.

Physiotherapists create exercise programs to ensure that your back and neck muscles don’t get lazy. We will also release any tight muscles or joints that are perhaps making it difficult for you to correct your posture.

It is also best to remember that it will take time for your muscles to retrain and to be able to hold your positioning.  But in order to make change you need to start somewhere and this is where we can help.

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