How a Sports Physiotherapist can help win a championship

physiotherapists and sports trainer Brisbane

How a Sports Physiotherapist can help win a championship

physiotherapists and sports trainer BrisbaneWhat makes a sporting team successful? Is it the individual moments of brilliance from players, the tactful decisions made by coaches, or the collective effort done behind the scenes to prepare the team for their event? In truth, it is a combination of all three. However, often it is the players and coaches who receive all the praise for their sacrifices and triumphs, whilst the backroom staff and support team, including the physiotherapists, barely receive any notice or recognition.

This blog is pitched to describe the critical importance of a dedicated physiotherapist, and the role they play in helping achieve success within a sporting team. When working with athletes and sporting teams, a physios’ primary role is to assess, treat and manage injuries. Whilst a physio needs to be confident and accurate in performing these duties, there are other aspects of their job which ultimately can assist in fostering a successful environment.

Three key roles and ways in which a dedicated physio can make a difference for a sporting team include:

1. Foster and develop healthy relationships with the players

Developing key relationships with players is critical. This is for both the outcomes of physiotherapy treatment, as well as the long-term success of a team. Based on good rapport, athletes will be able to confide with their physio regarding their physical and mental condition. This allows the physio to gain a deeper insight into the player’s needs. It will enable them to manage and treat their athletes accordingly.

2. Improve playing performance through observation and movement correction

The physio also has a great opportunity to assess the movement patterns of the players during their training. A physio is the ideal person to identify any movement abnormalities or shortcomings. They can then apply changes to improve movement performance. Additionally, they also may potentially provide early intervention for the athlete, and lower the risk of injury.

3. Work closely with coaches and trainers to manage training loads

Finally, sports physiotherapy involves understanding and managing training loads of the players. Whilst it is often assumed that the coaches overrule and create all training programs, a dedicated physio should work closely with coaches and help integrate their knowledge of training (in particular: training overload) to get the most out of sessions. This becomes extremely important later in season where injuries, fatigue, and dips in performance are common. A dedicated physio will be able to recognise and adapt training programming to best suit individuals.

In summary, a physio who is hard-working, attentive to detail, capable of creating strong interpersonal relationships between both their players and other coaches, can have a profound influence on a team’s performance and ultimately the success of the team.

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