Exercise class at Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy

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Exercise class at Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy

Here at Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy, we are concerned with maximizing your quality of life and movement potential.

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This is achieved through a combination of methods including health promotion, injury prevention, treatment and intervention, and rehabilitation.

The physiotherapists at Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy are highly qualified and skilled, with a comprehensive knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, tissue healing, and exercise prescription. This makes us fully equipped to rehabilitate you from injury and assisting you in returning to activity or work.

The focus of rehabilitation at Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy is on functional outcomes and on your personal goals.

Exercise Programs that are individualized to your needs.

When designing an individualized rehabilitation program the physiotherapist will assess areas that need to be improved such as mobility, strength and balance. Physiotherapist will show you how to improve these areas, taking into consideration the pathology of an injury or chronic disease.

During the sessions, you are carefully monitored to ensure that exercises are undertaken correctly so as to maximise the benefits and avoid worsening an injury. Your physiotherapist will progress and encourage you to get the best possible outcome.

To enable a speedy recover, you will be provided with a home exercise program that you can continue with in between your physiotherapy appointments in the comfort of your own home.

Need more motivation? We provide exercise classes in clinic.

Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy also offers exercise classes to assist you in your rehabilitation. Our classes are small and personal (maximum of 7) enabling us to give close supervision and attention whilst also providing the support and benefits of a group class. They can be great for that added motivation!

We offer rehabilitation for many conditions including:

For more information on our exercise classes at Pivotal Motion Physio. Located in North Brisbane, Call us today on 07 3352 5116 or book online.

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