Why is physiotherapy important for seniors?

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Why is physiotherapy important for seniors?

Physiotherapy is an ageing individuals best friend. You wouldn’t drive a car without getting it serviced regularly. This would be detrimental. The same concept goes for our bodies. Therefore, getting regular check ups at the doctor and seeing a physiotherapist can keep your body functioning in its best form!

Physiotherapists can be seen as the mechanics for the human body, ensuring you are moving your body in ways that will carry you through life pain free. Whether you have an existing injury or just want to continue with a preventative approach, there is a benefit for everyone in seeing a physiotherapist. So, what are you waiting for!

What can physiotherapy help you with as you get older?

As discussed in previous blog posts, bones and muscles get weaker naturally as we get older. In this way, this can lead to the following:

  • increased muscle tightness
  • higher risk of injury
  • reduced range of motion, mobility, and confidence in the body and movement

How can they help:

Muscle release

  • Helps to improve movement, and reduce stress. Release of the upper back, neck and shoulder muscles can improve posture and reduce neck pain. In addition, we are trained to observe movement patterns and identify compensations or alternate movement patterns that you may use to move around. Therefore, becoming aware of these and correcting them can reduce the risk of falls, therefore reducing the risk of injury.

Restore range of motion

  • It’s no surprise that we become less flexible as we age as naturally, structures become less mobile and more restricted. This is why movement and range of motion maintenance is imperative. In this way, they provide treatment to work on and improve stiffness, which can ultimately reduce some pain. Reducing stiffness makes movement easier and less restrictive, increasing your capabilities as you get older.

Improve confidence in body and movement

  • Feeling confident in the way we move can improve the way we function in society. It can make movement more safe and further, improve ability to continue to achieve physical goals in life. Moreover, this leads to reduced stress and more gratification which is critical as ageing occurs.

If you want to keep in tip-top shape as you age, get in touch with the most trusted name in physiotherapy Newmarket and Inner Brisbane wide! So, don’t hesitate to book in with us to keep you mobile and moving. Book online or call the clinic on 07 3352 5116.


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