True Joint Hypermobility VS Motor Control

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True Joint Hypermobility VS Motor Control

Do you wonder whether your symptoms are of true joint hypermobility vs motor control? The aim of this blog is to provide you an insight into the difference between true joint hypermobility vs motor control issue.

Motor control

What is motor control and what causes motor control issues?

Motor control is the way our nervous system controls posture and movement to perform motor tasks. Multiple body systems coordinate to produce movements related to our functional goals. Motor control issues are often impacted by either muscle tone driving poor input, or a processing problem allocating poor stability and motor control.

True joint hypermobility

Hypermobility syndrome is a connective tissue disorder characterized by generalized joint hypermobility, with or without subluxation or dislocation. The primary manifestation is excessive laxity of multiple joints. Read here on how we are affected by hypermobility.

Hypermobility syndrome is different from localized joint hypermobility and other disorders that have generalized joint hypermobility, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Although the process of hypermobility syndrome is not yet well understood, the disorder appears to be a systemic collagen abnormality.

The diagnosis of hypermobility syndrome is based on two major criteria. The first criteria is having joint stiffness for more than 3 months that affect more than four joints. Second criteria is based on a joint flexibility score called the Beighton Score. When this score is equal to or greater than 5, the individual is likely hypermobile. Here is a good self-assessment for hypermobility.

Individuals with hypermobility syndrome also have deficits in joint position sense. A lack of proper timing of muscle contraction makes it difficult to control hypermobile joints. Subsequently this results in decreased stability of the loaded joints. However, it is worth noting that not all hypermobile individuals will have issues with motor control.

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