Enjoy a pain free festive season this year!

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Enjoy a pain free festive season this year!

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Whether you’re spending your downtime at the beach, camping or simply lazing about by the pool at home, no doubt the upcoming holiday season will be a busy one.

But unfortunately, along with the happiness and hype that goes along with all the festivities, pain can also be experienced as we push our bodies to the limit both physically and mentally.

So in order to keep your family safe and injury-free this year, here are some tips on how the team at Pivotal Motion can help you enjoy a pain-free Christmas.

Accidents and injuries

Physios deal with a range of injuries at Christmas as during this exciting time many of us tend to push our bodies just a little too far! Whether it’s overstretching muscles while you’re hanging lights or getting a little too carried away at a backyard game of cricket, even the smallest of musculoskeletal conditions can lead to bigger problems if not treated.

Here at Pivotal Motion we take an integrated approach to patient care. This means we look at your body as a whole, consider all factors contributing to your injury, and aim to restore function by treating the source of the condition, not just the symptoms.

Neck and back pain

Many people drive long distances to reach holiday destinations or to visit relatives at this time of the year, and unfortunately for some it can be a painful experience. The prolonged sitting that comes with car travel can easily flare up a touchy neck or aggravate an old back injury.

The team at Pivotal Motion are all about ensuring our clients are well equipped to manage neck and back pain caused by driving, including offering advice on a range of exercises you can do pre- and post-trip to promote correct posture and cause the least amount of stress and strain on your body.


Most of us experience a fair bit of stress at Christmas where we deal with everything from last minute shopping to the frantic preparations that come with organising get togethers with family and friends. This chaos can inflict stress upon our bodies and make us more susceptible to illness, injury and headaches.

Our team can offer advice on a range of simple mindfulness techniques and exercises that can minimise stress. Therefore, achieving more balance in your life and ensure your body is fit and well for all of the season’s upcoming events.

A few quick tips on de-stressing this holiday season include; diaphragmatic breathing exercises and chin tucks to activate your deep muscles and help alleviate headaches. Furthermore, Pivotal Motion also provide exercise classes, which aims to improve your strength and balance.

Bored teens!

Children and teenagers in particular can become a little bored or suffer from ‘cabin fever’ during the school holidays, particularly after all the excitement of the Christmas period is over. Our Active Teen Classes are a great way of keeping teens motivated throughout the long summer break and keep them on track while they’re not involved in their normal sporting routines.

Our Active Teen classes this year will run each weekday morning between the 10th of December 2018 and the 25th of January 2019, and each session is supervised by one of our experienced, movement-focused physiotherapists. Sessions are tailored to an individual’s needs and requirements and will assist with developing your teen’s fitness, strength and coordination.

The team at Pivotal Motion want all of our valued clients to enjoy a happy and healthy Christmas! That’s why we will remain open until Christmas Eve and reopen from the 27th to the 29th December 2018. Call us on 07 3352 5116 or book an appointment online today!

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