Benefits of resistance training

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Benefits of resistance training

What are the benefits of resistance training? Many people undoubtedly know about the benefits to weight loss, or strength and muscle growth. But many forget about the increase in bone density, psychological well-being and injury prevention.

Bone Density

Bone density is vital for us humans, especially as we get older. Unfortunately for us it often peaks in the third decade of life before starting to decrease with time and age. Obviously, this means we should do what we can to increase our peak bone density, as well as try and stave off the loss that occurs with age. How do we do this though? Resistance training. Research has show resistance training is one of the most effective ways to build stronger bones with higher bone density.

Psychological Well-Being

Imagine there was a pill that could help boost mood, improve sleep, and help depressive or anxious feelings? With no side effects? There is, and this “pill” is resistance training. Research has shown that resistance training helps release endorphins, and powerful feel-good chemicals, which have been shown to reduce depressive and anxious feelings. Another benefit of resistance training comes from focus. Lifting weight requires attention to the external environment which is very helpful in conditions like anxiety where people tend to worry or ruminate.

Sleep is another area that is greatly impacted by resistance training. This benefit is due to the ability of resistance training to not only help regulate sleep patterns (circadian rhythm) but also in its ability to promote post relaxation.

Injury Prevention

Injury prevention is another benefit to resistance training. This is due to its ability to increase the size, strength and power of our muscles which support our joints. In other words it increases our capacity for more movement, making our day to day activities easier and less likely to injure us. This is particularly important coming off an injury, as often initially we will lose capacity due to our decrease in workload post-injury.

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