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Physiotherapy clinic

At Newmarket

Physiotherapy is our area of expertise, our Newmarket physio clinic using a variety of techniques and evidence-based practice.

Our experienced physiotherapists assess, diagnose, treat, and prevent a wide range of health conditions and injuries. These techniques can help repair damage, decrease stiffness and pain, increase mobility and strength, and improve your quality of life.

Pivotal Motion takes an integrated approach to patient care. This means we consider all factors contributing to your injury, looking at the individual as a whole. We aim to restore function by treating the source of the condition, not just the symptoms. We work with you to make necessary changes at home, work, or sport, to optimise your recovery.


for teenagers

Because teenagers lead such active and energetic lives, it is common for them to develop a strain or injure themselves. Sometimes we forget our bodies are still growing and it is easy to push our body beyond its limits.

So when does your teenager require physiotherapy? If a pain is present, our physiotherapists can assist in injury prevention. Additionally, as teenagers are in their growing phase, physiotherapists are skilled in helping growing issues as well as poor posture.

We’re confident we can keep growing teens active and help them throughout their physical development.

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