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Online Physiotherapy

Working remotely, are mobility restricted, or are looking for physio from the comfort of your own home? Then online physiotherapy or ‘telehealth physiotherapy’ may be for you! Research suggests that online physio can be as effective as in-person physio to treat a range of conditions.

At Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy, we use video calling software such as Skype, or Zoom, and can diagnose, treat, and manage a range of conditions from soft tissue injuries to joint pain. For injuries and conditions that we determine cannot be treated through an online consult, we’ll ask that you visit us for in-house physio Brisbane sessions or refer you to a provider near you for your peace of mind.

Book your online physiotherapy consult today for trusted treatment, our integrated approach, and a dedicated team of physiotherapists that can treat a range of conditions from the comfort of your own home.

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Online Physiotherapy at Pivotal Motion

At Pivotal Motion, we believe in an integrated approach to patient care. This means we look at all factors contributing to your injury. Whether you’re visiting us in-house or want to book a telehealth physiotherapy session, we aim to restore function by treating the source of the condition, not just the symptoms. With our online physiotherapy consults you have access to a dedicated team of physiotherapists from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in Australia.

Who is Online Physiotherapy For?

Online physio is a viable alternative for patients suffering from a range of conditions and are not able to attend a consult in person.

Book telehealth physiotherapy if you:

  • Live or are on a remote work assignment in a rural or remote area.
  • Have mobility restraints preventing you from travel.
  • Have unforeseen circumstances that prevent you from attending an in-person consult.
  • Are concerned about attending an in-person consult due to a crisis.
  • Have difficulty scheduling an appointment due to work and family commitments.
  • Prefer a consult from the comfort of your own home.

What to Expect from Your First Online Physio Session?

Once you’ve made a booking online, one of our online physiotherapists will be touch shortly via your preferred correspondence method. You’ll be required to fill out a health screening form that details any/all issues you want to receive treatment for. After a review of your health screening, our physiotherapists will then determine if online physio is suited for your condition/s. We will then work with you to schedule your first consult and/or recommend an in-person consult at Pivotal Motion or a provider near you.

Before your first session, we will work with you on any technology and physical space considerations necessary for your online consult. This will include video calling software, tips to improve sound and video quality, and having enough space in a quiet area to perform basic movements and exercise.

With our physiotherapy telehealth sessions, you can expect:

  • A dedicated physiotherapist.
  • The most current physiotherapy practices and treatment options.
  • Professional education and practical advice via phone and video call.
  • At-home treatment plans tailored specifically to your conditions.
  • Ample time for questions and review.
  • Follow-ups from previous sessions to see how you are progressing.
  • And more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my injury suitable for online physiotherapy?

With advances in technology and the education and training of physiotherapy, most musculoskeletal injuries can be treated with online physiotherapy. If you are unsure, please get in touch with us or call us to discuss your specific needs.

How long does an online physio session last?

Our physiotherapy telehealth consults are either 30 minutes or one hour depending on your specific needs and requests. Your first consultation will usually be one-hour.

Do I need a referral for your online consults?

No, we accept consults from both our current patients and from new patients anywhere in the world.

How much do your online physio classes cost?

The cost of our online physiotherapy classes will vary based on your consult length and your specific needs. Costs will be discussed during your initial consultation.

How do I pay for my telehealth physiotherapy session?

Payment for your telehealth physiotherapy session can either be made by phoning with credit card details prior to the appointment or by BPAY.

What kind of technology do I need for your classes?

As a general guide, you will need either a computer, smartphone or tablet, video calling software (there are many free options available), and access to an e-mail address and web browser. However, in most cases, we can tailor our online consults to the technology you have available to you.

Can I use NDIS for physiotherapy telehealth consults?

Yes, NDIS funding can be used for Pivotal Motion’s online physio consults as long as you are plan managed or self-managed.

Can I claim private health for an online session?

HICAPS is adapting to the current times, however, full payment may be asked for in advance. Pivotal Motion can issue an invoice for you to do your own online claiming.

Can I claim DVA or third-party insurance?

Yes, as long as it is approved, we can process this online in our clinic.



Online Physiotherapy