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HCF More for Muscles Program

hcf logoDo you have private health cover with HCF? You may be eligible for the HCF More for Muscles program.

What is the HCF More for Muscles program?

The HCF More for Muscles Program can cover 100% of the fee for an initial consultation once per calendar year for a new health condition. This means that members of this program can access a free initial appointment with one of our skilled Pivotal Motion Physiotherapists.

Do all HCF members qualify for the More for Muscles program?

Unfortunately, not all levels of health cover with HCF offer the More for Muscles benefits. The HCF levels of extras cover which offer More for Muscles benefits are listed below:

New range of HCF cover:

  • Gold
  • Platinum

Old range of HCF cover:

  • Super multi cover
  • Extra benefits
  • General extras plus
  • Fit and free
  • Young singles and couples

Corporate HCF cover organized through your employer:

  • Active lifestyle
  • Lifestyle plus
  • Ultimate extras

Manchester Unity (health insurer purchased by HCF):

  • Healthmate essentials
  • Healthmate starter
  • Healthclub
  • Smart extras
  • Healthcover plus extras
  • Top extras
  • Healthmate advanced
  • Healthmate ultimate

How many physiotherapy appointments will HCF More for Muscles cover?Lower back pain

You are only eligible for one appointment per calendar year which HCF More for Muscles will cover. The appointment must also be for a new health condition.

To check your level of cover and if you qualify for More for Muscles, click here to log into your HCF account or give HCF a call on 13 13 24.

If you would like to book an HCF More for Muscles appointment, call us on 07 3352 5116 or book an appointment online.