Active Teen Class

Active Teen Class

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You have the option of 8 class times to choose from!

Pivotal Motion runs classes Monday to Thursday from 4-5pm and 5-6pm.

Cost: Single classes can be booked for $20.

The Active Teen Classes at Pivotal Motion! A great way to keep the kids active through the school term, and to keep them on track while they are in the middle of busy sporting routines.

Each session is supervised by one of our experienced, movement-focused physiotherapists, and will look to develop each child’s fitness, strength and coordination. This year we will be running pre and post-program testing to see how much of an improvement the kids have made. We will specifically tailor the exercise sessions to what each individual teen needs.

One on One Active Teen Classes

One on one sessions with our Physiotherapists can be booked for $80 per session.

Australia’s Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines have recommended children and adolescents participate in muscle and bone strengthening activities at least 3 days per week. Resistance training can also reduce the risk of a sports-related injury in adolescents (Sports Medicine Australia, 2017). Strength and conditioning programs can provide a lifelong form of enjoyable fitness, confidence in the gym, and many health benefits. For more information on the benefits of resistance training and activity for adolescents, refer to physiotherapy for teenagers.

Our Active Teen Classes will teach adolescents the basics of strength and conditioning and how to be safe and effective with training. We will teach correct technique for all fundamental strength exercises such as the squat, dead lift, and push up, as well as an introduction to stretching, plyometric, and proprioception. Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy has a maximum number of 6 teens in each of our exercise classes. Each class will be led by one of Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy’s qualified physiotherapists.

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