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Body parts

When it comes to the human body, a problem or injury in one area may highlight problems in the supporting areas as well. Fortunately, that also means that most injuries may at times require only need a couple of treatments, to longer term post surgery rehabilitation and maintenance to keep the body well maintained.  We love our tune ups – similar to an oil and grease change.

Below are areas where problems may occur, with descriptions and information provided for your benefit.  We also include some interesting types of injuries.

Acute Soft Tissue Injuries Red Hill

The human body is a complex and incredibly inter-connected organism, so it’s not surprising that injury identification and treatment can be confusing to many.

At Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy we love our joints and we want to share more information with you.

But with most injuries, it’s often a combination of muscle groups or joints that aren’t working to their full potential, rather than a single muscle group failing. Main muscle groups, such as the chest, the legs and the abdomen, have smaller supporting muscles that allow us to move and keep up with the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

As your Brisbane Physiotherapy clinic we enjoy prevention and rehabilitation of injuries; weekend & sporting warriors; acute and chronic.

Choose your body part below and let us help you.

Muscle Strains

We know that it isn’t all about body part and muscles are what moves the joints.

So we have some more information for you.  Muscle strains are a big part of what physiotherapy treats.  From the corks to the Gr III muscle tears, Pivotal Motion can guide you through the process of rehabilitation.

For more on muscle strains Pivotal Motion has this great blog –  Muscle strains

Tendons & Ligaments

Holding the muscles to the bones are tendons and ligaments.  Essential as they provide stability to joints and assist with power generation when a body part moves.  Common injuries include an ankle sprain and a variety of ankle sprain and shoulder issues.