Get into a group and exercise

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Get into a group and exercise

If you’re someone who’s always been doing it solo, good on you! It can be very hard to maintain your fitness routine. For those who might need the added motivation or really like the company of others, group exercise is the way to go. Training in groups is a great way to get fit while being social. It also holds you accountable. If you’re meeting up with a friend to train, they are expecting you to show up. Likewise, you are expecting them to show up.  When you’re in a group your enjoyment of sport also goes up. So get into a group and exercise

The benefits

At the start of the year when you’re writing down your goals, set yourself the targets you want. Then find other people who also have the same goals. When you train in a group for the same goal, you’re more likely to achieve it. You also share the success of your other group members. You start to enjoy the training more, and are actually excited to meet up with your group and train. Training in a group have also shown to increase your pain tolerance. If you don’t believe me, you should go and try it for yourself. Training solo can be very tough, that’s why even the most elite individual sport athletes train in groups.

Finding a group

Every sport will have a wide number of clubs in all suburbs. Finding a club/group to train with can be very easy. It just takes a simple social media or google search to find out. Alternatively if you have friends who like to train together, that’s another option. Once you find a club/group you will have a schedule that you all follow. This will keep you on top of your training. You will also have a mixed variety of training sessions as the other groups members will have their own input to training. This variety will keep you from getting complacent and reduce the risk of monotony related burnout.

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