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Causes of foot rash

01/02/2019 by Pivotal Motion
Foot rash

There are a few conditions that make up the majority of foot rashes. Some are infective (caused by dermatophytes or bacteria), some are non-infective, and some come about due to an overly active immune response from the body.

Below are the 4 most common conditions that present as a foot rash.

Tinea Pedis

Cause: Dermatophyte infection of the foot

Appearance: Moist skin between the toes, painful fissures and peeling skin

Treatment: Topical anti-fungal cream (with topical corticosteroid if skin is inflamed), good foot hygiene, leave shoes in sun, keep feet dry

Contact Dermatitis

Cause: Direct skin contact with allergen (nickel, nail cosmetics, detergent)

Appearance: Localised redness, itchiness, swelling where skin contacted allergen

Treatment: Avoid contact with allergen, moisturiser, topical corticosteroid cream

Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema)

Cause: May be influenced by genetic factors

Appearance: Localised redness, itchiness, swelling commonly in skin folds (behind knees, front of ankles)

Treatment: Moisturiser, topical corticosteroid cream


Cause: There can be multiple causes, but it is aggravated by stress, alcohol, and obesity. It is classified as an Immune mediated inflammatory disease.

Appearance: Symmetrical red, scaly, dry plaques

Treatment: Topical therapy (moisteriser, corticosteroid), Phototherapy, Systemic Therapy

Rashes can be very hard to identify. If you have a rash on your leg or foot, we highly recommend you get it assessed by a Podiatrist or General Practitioner.

If you are experiencing redness, swelling, pain, heat, and throbbing in your foot, it may be an indication of a severe bacterial condition in your foot. These infection can get out of hand very quickly, it is therefore important to get the area assessed by a General Practitioner as soon as possible.

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