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Newmarket Soccer Club

Newmarket Soccer Football Club was established in 1949. It is one of the local sports clubs Pivotal Motion is proud to support. Newmarket Soccer Club consider themselves the pride of the north side! They are a family orientated club; fostering a love of soccer in junior and senior divisions. Its logo has stayed the same for its 67 years history. The Greek God Hermes; patron saint and protector of athletes.

The Newmarket Soccer Club has over 300 registered players. With 6 mens and womens senior teams and 22 junior teams it is one of the larger clubs we support. They are proud to be a friendly; community-focused club. It is their point of differentiation. An 80% player retention rate proves this. With players aged six through to senior’s teams it is the football club for the whole family.

Newmarket Soccer Club is aiming in future years to become even more community focused. They want to be known for a fun, vibrant and supportive environment; in which junior players can develop into future football stars.

Newmarket Soccer Club has recently refurbished the Bob White clubhouse in order the host more clubs events.  They have also re-turfed their 4 fields in an effort to have the best facilities on the north side.

Our Involvement

Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy has long been a sponsor of the Newmarket Soccer Club. We are happy to say we are Newmarket soccer Club’s physiotherapist of choice. We see lots of the senior mens team in the clinic. They often come in complaining of niggles or know they need our help to get through the season. Pivotal Motion has also provided a set of jerseys for one of the junior teams.

Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy are proud supporters of local sporting teams and athletes. Book an appointment online or call us on 07 3352 5116 to speak to our friendly team.