May 2016

Foot wound management

I have flat feet!

Flat Feet and Pronation “I have flat feet!” Pes Planus is a medical term used to describe a foot that has a...

Basketball player spraining his ankle

Ankle Sprain Poem

An ankle sprain is such a pain! A Poem by Lydia Bartram (Past) Pivotal Motion Physiotherapist Ankle sprains, ankle sprains, how common they...

talocalcaneal coalition

Tarsal Coalition

People are different. This couldn’t be more accurate in the case of a tarsal coalition. What is a Tarsal Coalition? A tarsal...



Acute Injury Management – RICER and HARM The first 24-48 hours after sustaining a soft tissue injury are crucial in ensuring...

Stress fracture diagram

Stress Fractures

Stress fractures can occur for many different reasons; for example over training or metabolic reasons. There are two groups of bone...

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